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Cottage style windows in Willow Point remodel


Let’s talk about how these cottage style bump-out design windows came to be on our Willow Point remodel—979 Willow Way East. We have to go back to the 50s and 60s, because Mike grew up with Lock Hunter (the builder for this project) in Alexander City, Alabama.

Before Lock Hunter began building spec houses on Lake Martin, he decided to make a trip to the New England coast. There he saw a common theme: exterior framing/structure with no set pattern. The design style was nonsymmetrical, e.g., gable roofs combined with shed roofs, single and triple windows, double doors and single small doors. Each house varied and had its own personality, which is what Timberland Construction/Lock set out to bring to his first lake houses in Windermere, Real Island and Parker Creek. His houses stand out in their adirondack style, and this cottage feel is becoming evident in each stage of our Willow Point remodel project.

The most recent design that reflects this are exposed rafter tails that wrap around the entire house, along with the distinctive bump-out windows on each end of the lakeside façade. Additionally, the rafter tails are a “Lock Special”—a small design detail in the wood that Lock added to make them unique.

Bump out windows on master suite (unframed)

Rafter tails that wrap around entire house with “Lock Special” detail


Mike’s construction background and knowledge of the different framing techniques make him and Lock a great team. When Lock returned from New England, he conveyed to Mike his vision and since then they have worked on several projects to create one-of-a-kind lake homes. The bump-out window design is just one example of how they work so well together. Their combined talent enables The India Davis Team to offer a unique experience to clients interested in building or remodeling.

Mike & Lock working together on a another remodel in Willow Point

Lock Hunter and his assistant, Charlie, have been building the finest, unique homes in the Lake Martin area for decades.

Mike, Charlie & Lock