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A Lake Martin House Named “Best New Home”

Want to see some of the greatest lake homes built on Lake Martin? I get to see all types of homes, but there are always some that really shine even with serious competition out there. Lake Martin is known for many things.. 44,000 acres of pristine water with 752 miles of shoreline, it is truly a massive body of water. I remember when the first “big” house was built in Willow Point, it had an elevator in it.. this was located where some might remember where the old “Villa e-2? was before it was torn down. (was simply an old cabin) It wasn’t much long after that, Trillium was released and offered “Million Dollar Island”, which was 4 lots and the lots were top dollar for that time, and of course they sold, and are worth quite a bit more than they sold for back then. As have the prices of property grown over the years, so has the level of greatness in the homes built on them. Architects have come up with some amazing plans for these wonderful parcels of land. Russell Lands has started new developments, and has a arsenal of approved architects to draw for the property hitting the market. Older developments have had lots with the upgrades- renovation or even just full tear downs. These developments have given these architects a beautiful canvases to showcase their work. Bill Ingram, based out of Birmingham, AL has remained a front runner in cutting edge architecture, and even has a portfolio specifically for “Lake Homes“. Bill recently was awarded by Southern Living “Best New Home” SL stated- “The refined craft and relaxed charm of this lake house, designed by Birmingham architect Bill Ingram, sets a new standard for timeless Southern style.” Well, I for one will agree with that statement completely! It is an amazing home, from start to finish.