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Axis is about to get splashed

The boat is about to be dropped in the water and the water has warmed up quite a bit (so i’m told). I can’t explain how happy I am about the cold weather being behind us… i’m sure there will be another cold snap, but the winter is pretty much behind us and the days are starting to get longer.

Nursing a tweaked right arm is not ideal for season starter, but I guess I will have to do a little more surfing than skating or boarding til it heals.. which blows.. but oh well, at 39 I shouldn’t expect to bounce back like these kids do out there.. I’ve got a fresh arsenal of toys to ride this season. A Victoria Poly wakesurfer, a Slingshot Reflex, and well I went back to an 08 Sattelyte Heartbreaker for my skate.. my favorite to date and my buddy Ted held back a freshie for me.. it is brand new.

I’m most excited about seeing my little buddy Ben Watts progression this season.. odds are we are going to see some big new hammers from the fire haired 12 year old..with all the new wake equipment making its way to Lake Martin.. it’s surely to be a great summer.