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Enter as guests, leave as friends.

This place.

I’ve always had family or friends who have their family place. In most cases, they have a name for their family place. Sometimes the name is generic, sometimes specific; sometimes owned by one family or by all the siblings; some just outside the city limits and some an hour or two away.

A few that come to mind, all used for family holidays, parties, friends and weekend retreats:

  • Why Not, a hunting camp
  • Sanibel, a family beach house
  • Jay Villa, a farm
  • Camp Palms, a beach house
  • Hinesite, a lake house
  • The Cabin, a lake house/cabin

What these all have in common is that they transform into exactly the place they need to be: a playground for children or adults to run around and be silly, a race track to ride go-carts or golf carts, a sporting complex for kayaking, fishing and swimming,  a peaceful sanctuary to simply skip stones in the pond or read in the library, a makeshift dining room under the stars; a wedding engagment or holiday celebration venue,  a campground to make hotdogs and smores over a fire.  Or a place to just plain be together.

Do you have a family place? Want to laugh over margaritas with all the girls at a weekend sorority reunion? Need a large place to host a Thanksgiving feast for extended family? Planning an oyster bake or low country boil with your favorite supper club crew? Looking for a place to take your grandchildren fishing, swimming or horseback riding for the weekend? Or maybe you just want some downtime for yourself to relax and rejuvenate.

This place. It’s whatever you want it to be.

Contact The India Davis Team to see our featured family place below, and start thinking of a new name.  🙂