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Fall Months on Lake Martin

My favorite month on Lake Martin… October is great here on the lake; school is back in and the traffic during the week becomes almost non-existant. Sometimes it’s hard to believe your out there and you “have the lake to yourself” our repsective sloughs become “ours” and we don’t have to ward off the pwc or the crazy pontoon draging a tuber over your wake. The weekend rider has a little better chance of finding that slice of heaven, as the college football schedule tends to help remove quite a few boats and wakes from your riding zone. The temperature begins to taper down and mornings sessions may even require a little neoprene. This is especially true at the end of the month! A few cool nights in a row really change the water temp quickly.
The end of the riding season is growing close but the good thing is that most of us have been practicing all summer. The once new tricks have become consistant in our runs and our eyes are focusing on progression, the next trick and what we can accomplilsh before winter. There’s an amaznig sense of accompishement to hit a goal right before the season is over.. “all that hard work has paid off”. Be it going from the wakeboarder moving on from a wake to wake 3, to hitting the 5 or keeping that wakesurfer moving forward into the 2nd 360.. riding away clean after working at getting the new trick all summer is awesome. The hooting and hollering from the boat and the rider.. the horn blasts and fist pumps.. never get old and doing it right at the season ends.. well that’s just the icing on the cake. It’s a great month to be on the water, and I encourage you to take full advantage. I also remind you the otherside, trying to push forward and get that trick is what we do, but be aware of your physical limits and don’t let the desire to ride away shadow fatigue and get hurt. Ending the season on cruches is the exact opposite of the goal of riding away clean…
That being said, longer intervalls between days on the water tend to happen a little more this time of the year for residents that travel from out of town.. so try and do some extra exercise if your not riding as much. Pull ups, pushups and core work will keep you moving toward that end of summer goal. The lake’s winter water is supposed to be a little higher this year. If that’s the case, then a wetsuit is going to give you even more water at the dock, which equals more time to ride. Could be a nice season before our first freeze.
Ride hard and hope to see you on the water-