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Fall on Lake Martin

It was actually a little cold this morning when I took the puppy outside. Fall is definitely in the air here on Lake Martin. The leaves will soon start to get a nice colorful change for us to enjoy before dropping off for the winter. It’s bitter sweet for me, I love the summer. The water is about to drop in temperature and the water level will make it’s way to winter water level at about 480. Its been an amazing summer on Lake Martin, I always hate to see it go. We get a good taste of 4 season here and granted summer is my favorite, I do love the fall and spring. Winter, well… I’ll just say it’s winter and leave it at that. I always wonder if we will see color like we did after the drought in 2007, the colors: REDS, YELLOWS & ORANGES on Lake Martin was absolutely amazing. The cover of LAKE magazine was mindboggling. I hope we see one of those again.. without the drought!