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Freezing cold

It’s hard to write about anything going on behind the boat, when none of us are out “behind the boat”. If anyone is doing any riding, they are traveling to South Florida and even they are having record lows. Otherwise, my friends are going snowboarding as I type. So what’s to share… well, the 2011 equipment has been ordered, I have to say that the fact that 2 new wakeboard lines are going to be on Lake Martin makes me feel good about the growth of the sport. Ronix and Slingshot have made their way to the Lake Martin. We have one new wakesurf/skim line hitting Lake Martin that is really going to set the scene on fire. We have been lucky enough to be working closely with Victoria Skimboards, the new wakesurf line coming to the lake. We have been their testing a few of skim converts, adding or just trying different fins. The current quandary being how to fin up a Tex Haines pro model effectively, as the fish shape doesn’t exactly say, throw a fin in the middle and ride. It does however say or should i say SCREAMS ride me behind the boat.

That being said; one of last days we hit the water I rode the Factor and took it for a spin “finless” in true skim fashion. It was really fun, I ate it out there, just like I did trying to skim w/ the Vic fellas BUT it’s not impossible and not something I won’t keep trying. Finless riding is a blast, just ultra loose and stopping a spin is going to take some work. As of today, I would say that I’ve never been this excited about a coming season.. not even close. Build it.. and they will come. The focus being placed on the goings on behind the boat is huge, the broad spectrum of products is amazing, the graphics are hot and the winter is the only thing in our way…. so a test in our patience. Stay warm out there and we’ll see you in the water…..