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Looking for a little Lake inspiration? Does a sunset make you breathe a little easier, calm you down? Me too. I was fumbling through my phone and some of the snaps in my photo file. I ran across more than one of these little clips that remind me why I love living here so much. Lake Martin is my own private paradise and these pics give you a little glimpse of why. I’m going to track back through the endless supply of pictures we have taken over the years and add to the collection I just started on we<3 it, which is a new site I found today. I’ve lived on this wonderful body of water we know as Lake Martin since I was 4 years old. I was coming down to my dad’s family’s Russell Cabin (the 4th ever built on the lake) since I was born. Aside from a brief absence of college and a few occupational detours, I ended up back here. Lake Martin has been home again for about 9 years now. I work on the lake, in more than one arena. I sell lake homes and lots and I work in the marina business. I have the pleasure of getting in a boat pretty regularly and a high percentage of those times, I leave my dock bright an early when few are out and about. The feeling of gratitude pours from every fiber in my body as the familiar sounds echo about.. I hear the engine humming, the water spraying out from the hull and wind rushing by the windshield. It doesn’t take much more than that to widen my smile and Thank God from the bottom of my heart what he has given me. Life… on Lake Martin Lake Martin Snaps