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Local artisans in the Lake Martin Community

Local artisans are all around us in the Lake Martin Community! We wanted to feature them as we are so lucky to have such talented people right next door.

Catie Radney Art

We begin with the prolific and incredibly talented artist Catie Radney. Catie’s process replicates the constant struggle for balance in all of life.  Her content expression mirrors how she navigates her personal life, yet it is universal in it’s concept and incarnation. She simply cannot get bored, as you will hear her say in the video/interview!

Her strokes, dots, all the ways she adds to and creates a painting is constantly evolving.  Catie is emphatic about one thing: “It is about the process, not the painting.”

And thus she produces figures, which contain layers and layers of underpainting.  The figures play the role of masking or distracting—-but from what? From LIFE! Real and raw, her art is uniquely hers, yet it is everyone’s.

A true artist—a gem. Catie’s gallery representation is quite impressive. Her unique style is something you need to see. And you can because her studio is right here in the Lake Martin area.!

If you aren’t in the Lake Martin area, you can find her work in galleries all over the South:

dk Contemporary Gallery – Marietta, GA | Sophiella Gallery – Mobile, AL | Willow Boutique – Rosemary Beach, FL | Stellars Gallery – Jacksonville, FL | Marketplace Interiors – Nashville, GA | View Gallery – Jackson, MS

Beginning this Friday, May 7 and continuing through May 29, dk Contemporary Gallery will be the host of her exhibit: The Space In Between.

View the gallery’s video and interview with Catie to learn more!

See more of her work at or follow her on Instagram @catieradneyart.

Catie Radney in her studio: and interview by Molly Brown with dk Contemporary Gallery. Video by Yallah Creative.

We ? Catie!!!

Madwind Studio

Owner John Howell started working with his hands at 16, welding and running machines at Robinson Iron in Alexander City.  Today he makes one-of-a-kind pieces out of a blue metal building tucked away in some pine trees off Highway 280 in Jackson’s Gap.

He says “The specialty lies in the willingness to make something new and different—to always step outside the boundaries of what I am accustom.  The first time you do something is never perfect, but I’m always saying yes to the ideas and projects that are outside the typical.  A couple years ago I had to ask myself the same question about whether or not what I am making is “functional art”, then I walked through The Met Museum in NY and walked into an entire wing of the building just dedicated to furniture.  I was reminded the craft is an art, and the work is a representation of the time we live.”

In 2015 a good friend asked him to build some pieces for their new home renovation, and the rest is history.  You can find John/Madwind’s work at Lucy’s and Southeastern Bar in Auburn, The Local in Waverly, Helen in Birmingham, and many homes around Lake Martin.

Southeastern Bar in Auburn, AL
Helen, restaurant in Birmingham, AL

With about half a dozen projects going most of the time, John has made Madwind Studio a sought-after brand with a true artisan’s mission: Build with the mindset that it should last forever. With the past year’s focus on furniture design, John foresees a product line of unique functional art pieces that are distinctively his! We can’t wait!

View Madwind Studio’s gallery and get in touch with John at or follow him on Instagram @madwindstudio.

We ? Madwind Studio!