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Russell Cabins at The Ridge

In last month’s Explorer, we published an article related toRussell Cabins. The article was mostly about the history of and the lifestyle afforded by Russell Cabins. Many readers were interested in the article, especially the part where we had decided to sell some RussellCabins. As you might guess, we are often asked, “Can I buy my Russell Cabin?” Until recently, the answer has always been a polite “no.”

There are many reasons that we want to keep our cabins. One is that they are a very important part of Lake Martin history. Another reason is the rental cabins provide a sensible financial alternative for a lake residence. But the primary reason we don’t sell them is there is a great demand for this sensible getaway place on Lake Martin. With a constant waiting list, we really can’t afford to take a rental cabin out of inventory.

Selling verses Renting
The break from history and tradition in the recent sale of four newer cabins on beautiful lots caused us to consider a new cabin product mix. Obviously, there is a strong desire to offer for sale a cabin that provides a simpler lifestyle and can be owned rather than rented. Ownership of a cabin implies an investment. Therefore, purchased Russell Cabins need an upgrade. So, there are two fundamental questions – what gets upgraded and what remains the same?

What will not change is the land. Our tenants fall in love with their private lake setting (Russell Cabin lots are legendary). So, all we need to upgrade is the cabin. Many tenants either outgrow their cabin or fall out of love with its rustic amenities (like window unit air conditioners). From a design standpoint the plan is simple, keep the large private cabin lots and create a humble cabin with modern amenities.

The 21st Century Russell Cabin
While there are house plan books in the grocery store, websites full of house designs and even magazines dedicated to cabin life, no one has a design which fits the image of the Russell Cabin. Designs are either contrived to look old or they are meant for rustic forest settings instead of the world’s most beautiful lake. We just couldn’t just rush out and buy a design.

We had to design a cabin that fit the following criteria. First, it must look like it belongs on Lake Martin. Second, it must avoid appearing to be a starter castle, while still being large enough to gather extended family and friends. Third, it must have a rustic-modern décor. Fourth, the cabins would be built on large waterfront lots with great water and expansive views.

In order to accomplish this task, we needed the right team of designers. After a thorough search, we settled on a team whose designs have become symbolic of Lake Martin. The team selected to work within the above design criteria is Bill Ingram, Taylor Dawson and Bill Farshee. Bill Ingram’s designs are well known to those familiar with Trillium or The Ridge. Taylor’s designs are found all around the lake, with his family’s lake home adjacent to Dixie Sailing Club being featured in Southern Living and The Barefoot Home. Bill Farshee has designed homes in Trillium and the Ridge, but most notably, he helped bring life to Bobby McAlpine’s Russell Cabin design so popular in Nichols Cove. What evolved are several new designs which are great examples of the 21st Century Russell Cabin.

With the architectural team in place, all that was needed was the right piece of land. What better place to build new, purchase-ready Russell Cabins than an old sector of Russell Cabins. After looking at the various Russell Cabin sectors, Robinson Drive was selected due to the combination of its location on gorgeous Ware Slough, beautiful land and its proximity to Ridge amenities and utilities.

Staying Informed
The blending of large lots, modest cabins (the typical cabin has only 2,200 square feet of conditioned space) and pristine waters is generating a lot of interest – especially for those who are looking for the lake cabin lifestyle. Excitement is building in advance of the planned mid-April release to lake lovers.

If you can’t wait and desire more information sooner, please call or email me

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