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It was a scary night here on Lake Martin. Watching the weather channel as mile wide tornadoes pummeled T’town and B’ham… our power went out and we got a call that one was heading our way. Our development/house dodged a bullet but some nearby areas did not. Just down the road from us there is major damage and just across the lake areas are horribly damaged, houses removed and sits a slab of concrete. Our power came back on around 1-2 a.m., but I understand there are a lot of people without power in the Windermere/Ridge area of Lake Martin. I will try to get some photos and post later. I’m about to head out w/ a buddy and his bobcat to try and help move some debris blocking roads over there.Keep these folks and all affected by these storms in your thoughts and prayers.

Here’s a little info from Chanel 13 online