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We got the first batch of wakesurfers in recently and after a few rides… I have to say I’m really impressed. I’ve been on both the Factor (large) and a Bigfoot. I’ve ridden both big single side wake and smaller even set up for wake to wake surfing..and both boards rode extremely well. The young guys rode the Factor (small) and a Grommet. Both kids rode really well, Ben rode both of them and preferred the Grommet. Parker rode the Factor and it was the best I’ve ever seen him ride. The Bigfoot and Grommet were both 100% skim converts. I was extremely impressed at the drive Ben was able to get with the Grommet. I was worried his weight vs. the length and width; the board being to be hard for him to stay in the pocket and keep drive… It was the opposite.. when he pitched the rope, he looked up smiling and said “I like this board..” and when he worked it for a bit, he looked up and said “I REALLY LIKE THIS BOARD!” We are going to tinker w/ a few fin sizes and might even try a front fin for some added stability for riding switch. The boards caught drive from the back of the wake and had good edge control. The fin changes we talked about doing will allow for a little more hold in the tail but should break free easily when you need for a board slide or when you spin a 3/5/7 or whatever your ability will allow. I feel like this board is going to spin fast enough and stop in time for me to do a wake to wake 3 but it’s going to take a bunch of falls to get that one in the bag…Everyone we have taken out that has ridden one has really liked all the aspects of the boards, but you have to make sure you have the right board for the riders weight. I tip the scales at 185 and I personally have a large factor… I have to say, the Bigfoot is super too.. for a large guy 200+ you will love it.