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Victoria’s Factor and Agent boards feature new designs-

February is the last month of low water in Lake Martin. The lake begins to work its way up toward full pool starting around the middle of February, and the visual shoreline begins to diminish. If the water temperature would rise as fast as the water does, the riders about Lake Martin would be a little happier I’m sure. I know I would. We are usually at the coldest water temperature this month and we have had a mild winter thus far, so I’m sure it’s a little warmer than most years. Unfortunately, I have not been on the water and most of the guys I know that ride have had little time out there this winter. All the boats are winterized and tucked away.

I have been working with Victoria skimboards on their 2012 wakesurfer line (or skimsurfer if you prefer) for this season. They have a simple break down of two types of boards: the color of the board (a choice of 10) will be on the top of the board and the art will be on the bottom this year.

One of the boards will be the Agent, designed by four-time World Wakesurfing Champion Bri Chmel. The Agent has added width in the tail (the tail shape is called “swallow tail”) the extra volume in the rear of the board will allow you to drop back further in the wake and get in more tricks. The nose is shaped for solid control when you’re riding it backward doing shuv’its. The Agent will come with one art choice designed by Bri and come in three sizes: small, medium and large.
The redesigned 2012 Factor is the second board in the lineup. It will come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. It will come in 10 colors with 6-8 art choices. The Factor can also be made with carbon fiber if you want a lighter, stronger board. The Factor has a great rocker design for all riding levels. The redesigned shape makes for a much more user-friendly board. I have had friends who can surf well try this new design and every one likes it more than the previous shape. I had young riders stick 360s, of which some were very consistent and others were able to finally get the trick and surf on. I rode my first 1080 out on the new factor, so I obviously think very highly of this shape and design. Both of the boards have a new traction pad design, which is a nice low-profile pad, with a mild archbar built in.

The most important variable in picking the right size board for you is to get the right board for your weight and your wake. I’m right on the middle of the medium or large, and for my boat/wake I like the medium. If I were to ride behind anything else, I could be more inclined to choose the large – it just depends on the wake you ride. One big piece of advice – get your wake consistent, clean, long and tall.

Stay warm and I’ll see you in the water.