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Wakeskating… the beauty of it.

Saturday was an incredible day… clear skies and it was about 80 degrees on Lake Martin. A buddy of mine came over and we went out to take a jet ski set on the wakeskates. He got a nice set in and when I dropped in the water, the battery had nothing left. The sea doo set was done… I can’t complain, the thing has lasted 4 years and we were close to both shore and home. We swam the ski over to a dock, tied it up and took a short walk home and grabbed a pontoon boat to tow it back. Seeing as I was in my wetsuit and had the gear.. I figured I’d go ahead and take my set behind the pontoon. We tied the line and took off; that has to be the greatest thing about wakeskating. You don’t need a big wake boat, you just need something to pull you about 20 mph and your golden. I had a blast out there, and it had been a long time since I hopped on a skate… which just made it that much better. Wakeskating is definately be my favorite water sport to both do and to watch.. the fact that you can do it behind a fishing boat, pontoon boat… and just about any boat just makes it that much cooler..