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Warmer weather… sea doos going in

Looks like tomorrow is going to be a day in the water.. and finally.. the cold has taken it’s toll on about everyone i know… i’m over winter, i’ve appreciated the season, enjoyed my fireplace.. but i’ve had enough…. it’s time for shorts, flip flops and some sunscreen on my nose…. a few sea doos getting splashed and some skating is due.. even w/ s tweaked elbow.. it will have to hold up for just a bit… i’ll baby it a bit, but just riding around sounds great at this point.. and the winch is a few final tweaks away.. sproket alignment w/ spool and clutch and a little carb tweakage… so here we go, it’s shaping up to be a great season, new boats, boards, skates and surfboards with a ton of friends as stoked about it all happening as me..

it’s time for toe to meet leather.