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Winter water on Lake Martin

Well the one big things that happens every year in the dead of winter is The Atlanta Boat Show. The boat dealers from all around put together pretty extravagant booths for us to see all of the new 2012 boats. The boat show is a place where most of the dealers offer up some nice “boat show specials” and you can score your new ride at a sizable discount. The show was January 10-13 and Birmingham Boat show was a couple of weeks after that.. we get all fired up to ride, then we walk outside in the cold, or get home to a dry dock. It is a tough time of the year for the water enthusiast. Train hard and get ready, the water starts coming up in a few weeks! I thought it would be a good time to start doing some equipment reviews to get everyone’s gears turning on what’s new and available for the coming season. One board in particular has stuck out between the ranks all the different types of board, be it wood core hybrids or the true composite wakeboard. The Liquid Force Tex, is the “King of Cable”, Tom Foshee’s pro model. After Tom and Jimmy Redmond, LF’s top shaper came up with this design by tweaking the Liquid Force Witness, Grind model.

Available in 3 sizes: 134, 138 and 142, the board has been given some amazing characteristics and I thought I would get an opinion from one of SMG’s Liquid team riders. I took Ben Watts out for a ride and review. Keep in mind Ben has ridden almost all the Liquid boards and currently rides a Shane Hybrid, he told me that the Tex was his second favorite board in the line up and that it had a ton of great attributes for the beginner, especially the way the board held upon landing even though it only has molded in fins. Ben Watts-The Liquid Force Tex is an awesome board ! It is Tom Foshee’s pro model board and it rides great. The board is made for rail riding but it rides unbelievable behind the boat. It tracks well on the water and seems to almost spring off of the wake. Its stiffness makes it good for carving and just doing some ollies outside the wake. This board is great for beginners all the way up to pro level riders. Just a cool fun board ! Stay warm out there.. Sawyer Davis