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Summertime is here on Lake Martin!

Summertime is here! We’ve had an amazing year with higher than normal water levels and decent temperatures. I hope for those of you who have been striving for a solid progression for this season did take the winter months to train. It isn...

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The Summer Season on Lake Martin

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to start getting the boats summarized and getting them out to the dock or on the lift… and the season begins. Winter is behind us and the water level is full pool. The debris is still a littl...

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Promising statistics for Lake Martin Real Estate

As sent out in ACRE's weekly email, a report by Russell Lands on Lake Martin property sales Returning to (better than) normal Sales levels mark a banner year As 2015 comes to a close, we can look back on the real estate business for Lake...

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Lake Martin Sunsets

I’ve enjoyed taking photos of Lake Martin activities for years, but unquestionably my favorite is the sunsets. The occasional sunrise is also a favorite, but due to the nature of timing.. sunsets make the top of the list. I particularly lik...

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Fall Months on Lake Martin

My favorite month on Lake Martin… October is great here on the lake; school is back in and the traffic during the week becomes almost non-existant. Sometimes it’s hard to believe your out there and you “have the lake to yourself” our ...

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Lake Martin etiquette

As many times as I have had people say “Write about this, or write about that” I’ve never taken requests.  However, I’ve had enough people ask me to REWRITE a few things and I feel like it needs to be addressed.  I sho...

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