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Equiptment tips for the Lake Martin wakeboarders

A little late in the month but… the May LAKE article Wakeboard equipment: Let’s start with the board and bindings. The board will be a personal preference. You can have a traditional wakeboard or a flexboard, and you can use either a 3-stag...

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Lake Martin Boating Saftey & Etiquette

With boating season about to begin, I’d like to remind everyone about boat driving tips, drivers’ safety and boating etiquette – a refresher course, if you will. Following these guidelines could potentially save you or the life of one of ...

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New wakesurfers for 2012 by Victoria skimboards

Some of the SMG Lake Martin team joined up with members of the SMG Atlanta team to do some coaching at the Ritz Carlton on Lake Oconee this weekend. We had a great turn out, filling 7 boats for 2 days, with 2 – two hour sessions per day. Ther...

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SMG 2011 wake team video

The 2011 Blue Creed Marina Wake Team is back and ready for another summer! Alex Graydon, Clint Westbrook, David Luker, Jeff Mathis, and Ben Watts are all local Lake Martin, AL riders and help progress the wake scene in Alabama. Blue Creek Ma...

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Risk vs. Reward – progression

Progression is what we all want when we ride – to get a little better. Progression is simply risk vs. reward. Getting up on two skis for the first time, pulling outside the wakes and crossing them faster and faster equals progression. Risk, i...

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Dadeville Record – Women of the Water

Blue Creek Marina hosted it’s first annual women’s wakeboarding and boating clinic yesterday afternoon on Lake Martin. The clinic serves as a way to expose women lake-goers to the sport of wakeboarding and any other questions or concerns r...

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The season is about to start and I'd like to write about boat driving tips, drivers' safety and boating etiquette. Some of this may seem rudimentary, a refresher course perhaps, but each year our lake grows more crowded and people who have neve...

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Alex Graydon’s Trick Tip

Trick Tip Heelside Backside 180?s and Blind Landings There’s no doubt that the heelside backside 180 is one of the most stylish tricks that can be done. Whether it be wake to wake, out into the flats, over an object, or off a kicker or ...

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